Friday, August 5, 2011

The Rubber Ducky Gang

I have a very crazy life and my schedule changes every single day.

I have two kids. Ali is almost 6; she is too big for a stroller, too little to "run" with me, and too young to be left at home alone. Jordan is 6 months old and is too cranky for a stroller (the few times I've taken him, he cried the whole time).

I laugh at the idea of working out at home while they're there. I can't imagine doing P90X with a baby crying the whole time because he's so spoiled and wants Mommy to hold him and a little girl wanting to be "grown up" like Mom and trying to work out with me.

The only days of the week that are generally predictable are Sundays and Thursdays. Sometimes Mondays and Tuesdays. Never Wednesdays or Fridays or Saturdays. And sometimes not Thursdays, and sometimes not Sundays. HA =D

Since Ali isn't "mine," we don't get to see her every day. But we pick her up from daycare several days a week and then drop her off when her mom gets off work. And we generally watch her every Saturday and Sunday. But not the whole day, of course. We have to do a lot of planning around when we will be dropping her off and picking her up and dropping her off... etc.

So that's that. I get off work at 5, pick up Jordan, sometimes pick up Ali and drop her off at 7. I have the kids by myself everyday because my husband doesn't get home from work till around 8:30. So my day starts at 6 in the morning and ends around 9 at night, which doesn't include any exercise.

 Confused yet? Yeah... me too...

So Wednesday night, my husband gets home and I'm anxious to go run. It was too dark to around our neighborhood, so he suggested going to the track or the park. Both are scary to me; predators could just jump out and attack me! Not that that's very likely in Ada, but things can happen. However, I'm sick of having excuses not to run, so I decided to just, you know, "risk it."

I drove to the track. All the lights were off. I drove to the park. Most of the lights there weren't working, but I could see a few stragglers still walking/running, so I figured it must be safe. I think my heart rate was high before I even did my warm up; I was so nervous someone was going to attack me. Geesh, I'm so paranoid!

I did a lap and decided to make another and see if I could run for 20 minutes without stopping. I did! And right at the 20 minute mark, right when I was about to quit, I see these two guys sitting on a park bench. Have I mentioned how scared I am of predators!? LOL

So I decided to keep running, just until I got a little further away from them. Then I hear one of them WHISTLE. Okay, yes, I was a little flattered at first. But then I realized that the whistle sounded more like when you squeeze a rubber ducky. Not cool! So I decided to run until I couldn't hear that stupid awkward squeaking anymore. I reached the 2 mile mark and guess what? They had followed me and squeaked the ducky again! It freaked me out a little, I'm not gonna lie. Just the thing a predator would do right? Squeak a rubber ducky?

So I kept running. About a minute later, I turned to see if they were still following me, but I didn't see anyone. I happened to be running through an area where the lights weren't working so well, so I decided to run for a few seconds more. When I finally stopped, I had run for 23 minutes straight which, if you haven't read my other posts, is my longest stretch yet! I reached 22 minutes once because I thought I was going to pee on myself, and I reached 23 minutes because some creepy guys were attacking me with a rubber duck!

I was still freaked out when I got back to my car. I recently watched a scary movie about a guy who hid in people's backseats and then WHACK!! You get the idea... So I checked my backseat. No strangers there! I drove home laughing at myself. What exactly did I expect the Rubber Ducky Gang to do to me? Seriously.

When I got home, I went ahead and checked the trunk just to be safe. And that whole time, my husband wasn't even worried. I said, "But, I've been gone forEVER!" "Honey," he said, "You're a big girl. You can take care of yourself."

I proceeded to tell him the whole story; only, I left out the part about how the whistle was actually the squeaking of a rubber duck. It's possible that he still thinks that some guys were hitting on his wife... =D