Monday, March 27, 2017

17 Weeks Post-Surgery

I meant to post an update at 16 weeks but being me, I forgot. Tomorrow (March 28th) marks 17 WEEKS since surgery. I am only going to physical therapy once a week now and I am fairly certain tomorrow will be my last visit. Not that I don't need it anymore... but at this point, I'm a little worried about insurance! I haven't received a single bill from the physical therapist. Once those bills start rolling in... that'll be fun.

Mobility has improved in a lot of areas, but the one that I've struggled with the most has not improved in several weeks. My upward rotation has been just barely at 160 degrees for what seems like eternity... and that's when I'm lying on my back and gravity is doing the work for me. I'm sure the more I use it the better it will get. I'm so ready to do real pull-ups again it's not even funny... but I still can't hold my own weight hanging from the bar.

Things I CAN do:

Power cleans
Pre-surgery max: 145#
Current max: 65#

Front squats
Pre-surgery max: 150#
Current max: 65#

Assisted pull-ups. I've done 3 sets of 10 with a green band and that felt okay. I try to pause at the bottom for about two seconds between reps to help stretch out that shoulder.

Push-ups (from my knees). I have always had poor form on these... but now I have no choice but to keep my elbows in tight or it hurts! I can't do very many, maybe 5-10 at a time with long breaks in between sets.

Pre-surgery max: 300#
Current max 88# (KBs, 2x44)

Bench press:
Pre-surgery max: 110#
Current max: I used a dumbell the other day, 25#!
*Side note: this is one of the many movements that did not improve in 3 years of lifting. I always blamed the shoulder... maybe I'll start seeing this improve more! Or maybe not...

It's funny how I get really excited about these movements when they are happening... but typing out the numbers is a little depressing! lol I have such a long way to go! I feel like I spend 10 hours out of every day just stretching my stupid shoulder, and every morning I wake up feeling like someone tightened it up to the max all over again. I still don't sleep well, I wake up in pain any time I move.

Things I can't do yet but I WILL:

OH stuff, all of it.
Handstand holds and handstand push-ups.
Ring dips.
Back squats.
Muscle-ups. !!!!!

I am so excited to be getting back! Slowly but surely I WILL get it all back. I HAVE TO. Muscle-ups, here I come!