Monday, August 20, 2012

A Much Needed Break

Earlier in the week I got a FB message from one of the sweetest ladies on the entire planet from my church. She was offering to keep the little tyke over the weekend. I'm not kidding when I say that I looked forward to having some time to myself so much that I was constantly forgetting what day of the week it was. Is it Thursday? No it's Tuesday. Today's Friday? No, it's Thursday. COME ON, SATURDAY, HURRY UP!

I dropped the little man off at noon (in the pouring rain, while he was screaming) and went, of all places, to Wall's where I found a pair of black heels for $5 and some painter's tape. I know, livin' wild and free, right? And then I went, of all places, to Goodwill. I was drenched by the time I got inside (Thank you Jesus for the rain, though!). There I bought a wooden wreath thingy, a picture frame, a random glass jar, and an umbrella, all for under $3. I went home. I made coffee (lot's of it). I made a hair bow, a fridge magnet, and a wreath for Jordan's door, all out of old blue jeans. I also mixed glue and food coloring and painted my new glass jar yellow. And I got a tattoo. Okay okay, it was just a stick-on.
Cute tat, right?
After the rain had stopped it felt amazing outside so I decided to go for a run: 5.1 miles! I hadn't planned on going that far. I took a different route than usual and got a little caught up in the scenery and the wonderful after-the-rain smells, and before I knew it I'd already gone 3 miles and didn't feel like stopping. I was drenched by mile 4--it had gotten really humid by then.
Yes, that's sweat dripping from my chin.
That's not rain, folks. That's my pool of sweat.
My shirt which was light purple before.
My hubby got home from work at around 8 and we hit the town: Rib Crib and then Walmart. We were going to rent a movie, too, but Redbox didn't haven't anything good and Hubs refuses to rent from Hastings because he owes $30 on his account ("I am NOT paying for that DVD! It was just a bonus CD and it wasn't even in the case when I got it!") from like 7 years ago. So we went home and watched The River instead and fell asleep after the first episode.

Sunday was just as awesome as Saturday. We went to church and picked up little man (I think he missed us just a teensy bit) and then spent the afternoon hanging out with our best buds at their new house. I haven't had such an unproductive lazy weekend in so long--I absolutely loved it! 

AND, and update on my April running goal: I already reached it!! I am at 35.3 miles for the month already (goal was 30) and I've averaged under 10 minute miles! Woot woot, go me ;) 

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Miles Run

I love to run, or so I thought. Maybe I just like buying the running gear, that's probably more likely! I went into Hibbett Sports the other day and found a gorgeous pair of Brook's running shoes that would look so stinkin' adorable on my feet. I imagined myself being the envy of all the other runners in my neighborhood. I didn't buy them because A) They were almost $200 and B) I don't really need a new pair yet. Darnit!

But when do I need new running shoes? I looked it up and discovered that runners need to replace their shoes after they've run anywhere from 300 to 500 miles. Surely I've gone that far since last October, right? I track all my workouts using MyFitnessPal so I was able to go back and see just how far I've run since then. 

171.01 miles. 

That's all? Really? That's only about 17 miles per month. I am so disappointed in myself. I call myself a runner!?!? Pshhhh, what a faker! Granted, some months I ran more than 30 and some less than 10, but STILL. 

So now I have decided to challenge myself. I would love to be able to run at least 15 miles a week but I don't think that's very... realistic, not at this point anyway. For the month of August, my challenge is to run at least 30 miles. That really doesn't sound like much, but considering I've been averaging only 17, I'm wondering if I can even do it!