Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Miles Run

I love to run, or so I thought. Maybe I just like buying the running gear, that's probably more likely! I went into Hibbett Sports the other day and found a gorgeous pair of Brook's running shoes that would look so stinkin' adorable on my feet. I imagined myself being the envy of all the other runners in my neighborhood. I didn't buy them because A) They were almost $200 and B) I don't really need a new pair yet. Darnit!

But when do I need new running shoes? I looked it up and discovered that runners need to replace their shoes after they've run anywhere from 300 to 500 miles. Surely I've gone that far since last October, right? I track all my workouts using MyFitnessPal so I was able to go back and see just how far I've run since then. 

171.01 miles. 

That's all? Really? That's only about 17 miles per month. I am so disappointed in myself. I call myself a runner!?!? Pshhhh, what a faker! Granted, some months I ran more than 30 and some less than 10, but STILL. 

So now I have decided to challenge myself. I would love to be able to run at least 15 miles a week but I don't think that's very... realistic, not at this point anyway. For the month of August, my challenge is to run at least 30 miles. That really doesn't sound like much, but considering I've been averaging only 17, I'm wondering if I can even do it!

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