Thursday, October 11, 2012

Confessions of a Runner

So I feel like I don't really have a lot to talk about lately. I'm still training for my half marathon, everything's on schedule, but there's nothing really new to say. So... I'll just spill some confessions. Sounds fun.

1. When I run by a street drain I glance into expecting to see a clown staring up at me.
Is that not the scariest thing you've ever seen!?!? Picture credit here. 
2. I don't really have a warm up routine. I just kinda... stretch whatever feels tight. And most people recommend that you do like a 5 minute jog or something first, too, but yeah right. From the time I walk out my front door to when I start my actual run, probably less than 2 minutes passes. I just wanna get it all over with!!

3. I always run faster when a car passes by me. I don't want them to know how slow I really am.
Picture credit here
4. If I run in just a sports bra I always "suck it in" if I think someone is looking!
Picture Credit here

5. I sweat like no woman you've ever seen. My face, my legs, my arms, my neck... it's unnatural.

exhausted runner
Picture credit here
6. I like to look at my own shadow when I run to see if I look like a "real" runner or not. Usually I think, "Do I really slump that much?"

7. When it's really hot outside I listen to Christmas music.

Picture credit here. 
8. I don't drink enough water and I drink way too much coffee. BTW I was exactly 4 weeks off Dr Pepper when I caved and had one at a restaurant this past weekend. *ashamed* I haven't had another one since, though!

9. I'm too competitive. What's the point of signing up for a 5K (or any race for that matter!) if  you don't plan on winning a medal!?
Picture credit here

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