Friday, April 5, 2013

P90X Week 7

Yeah, this is exactly what I look like when
 I do the frog stretch, too, only I have a human
child on my back using me as a trampoline. 
Has it really already been 7 whole weeks since I started!?!? After week 4 I got a little lazy and only half did the next two weeks of workouts, but I'm happy to report that this week has been much different. If only it would stop getting COLD on cardio days then maybe I could actually get a decent run in. Yesterday I went only two miles, not because it was cold but because that was all I could muster. I guess it was just one of those days! Luckily it was just supposed to be an easy day, anyway, so it wasn't a big deal. I did about 10 minutes of stupid painful stretching afterwards while Jordan climbed all over me. Do you know what the frog stretch is? It is one of the most awkward positions to ever put yourself in and it HURTS like nobody's business, especially when you get really deep into the stretch and your 30 pound 2 year old decides to jump on top of you.

So I still don't look any different than day 1 which is very disappointing. However, I am now capable of doing FOUR UNASSISTED PULL-UPS now!!! I was so proud of myself and showed my husband who appropriately told me how proud he was of me! AND, I did 329 of Tony Horton's crunches the other day which is only 10 short of the full workout. Wowzas!!

Tonight's workout is legs and back, my favorite one!