Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Another Half

Wellllllll... I completed my second half marathon! It was miserable! I thought I was going to die! Let's do it again!

A couple weeks ago, I completed the OKC Memorial half. I started training a few months before and had been doing really well. I gotten up to running 7-8 miles comfortably, so I figured I wouldn't have any problems. Then life happened (and I got lazy, too) and my training became pretty much nonexistent. I was still going to the gym doing crossfit maybe 3 times a week, but that obviously wasn't adequate half marathon training.

Three. That's how many times I ran during the month before the half, totaling a whopping  14.26 miles. Yikes! So the whole week before the Big Day, I knew I was doomed. But I figured Hey, if I can do a 6 hour, 15 mile Spartan Race, surely I can go out and do a 13.1, even if I have to walk some (uh maybe most) of it.

I drove up by myself on Saturday evening and stayed with one of the fitness coaches from my gym who was also running the half. Seriously I don't know what I would do if I didn't have people all around me always stepping up to take care of me! We woke up early Sunday morning, got ready, and went to the race. Then it started raining, and then there was some lightening, and then they made the announcement that they were going to delay the start time for 30 minutes. Everyone (thousands and thousands of us) piled into nearby parking garages so we wouldn't get rained on. We sat on the dirty concrete floor, and then the start was delayed again. And again. And again. I was beginning to hope (oops, I mean worry) that they were going to just cancel it. After two hours of weather delays, though, we finally got started! Granted I was still in the parking garage when the actual horn sounded, but I wasn't exactly "racing" anyway.

I got to the start line maybe 15 minutes later and started out with a slower-than-grandma-who-just-had-her-hip-replaced pace. Because of the rain, and the rising temperature, it was HUMID. I was literally drenched in my own sweat by mile 4. And all the people around me, oh my word! Thousands and thousands of runners, weaving in and out, elbow to elbow, tripping, jumping, sprinting, walking... it was insane and wonderful! I've never experienced anything quite like it.

Around mile 6 I knew I was in trouble. My legs were already so tired. My ankles and hips were getting stiff and painful.  I decided I would walk when I reached mile 7, but somehow I missed that mile marker and ended up getting to mile 8. That's when my run/walk combo began. Run a mile, walk a half, run a mile, walk a quarter... oh my hips were DYING. I ran the last two miles (although I'm not sure you could call it running...) and finished with a time of 2:45:39, about 30 minutes slower than my first half! But considering I wasn't exactly prepared... I am pretty proud of myself.

However, this I vow to myself: I will NEVER EVER EVER run a race without training for it EVER again. EVER. While I did survive, and I was able to run about 11 miles of it without passing out... I paid for it BIG TIME for an entire week. My right hip needed replacing, I'm sure of it. HA! And my ankles felt like there were grapefruits stuck inside them, dying to explode. And then there's my shoulder. It just seems so WRONG that running hurts all over! The night after the race, when I finally laid down in bed, I couldn't fall asleep because of the throbbing in my shoulder, of all things!

The best part about my day was probably after it was all over. LOL I went to IHOP by myself afterwards and drank coffee and ate pancakes. Then I had to drive two hours to meet my parents in order to pick up my son. We met at a convenient store and I told my dad I really really wanted a Mt. Dew and a peanut rounder. Mmmmmmmm... so he went in and came out with a paper bag that I assumed contained my goodies. After we said our goodbyes and they drove off, I opened the bag. My dad does NOT disappoint. Inside was a LITER of Mt. Dew and TWO peanut rounders. You better believe I drank the entire bottle and ate both those little suckers.

Nearly three weeks later, I feel pretty much normal again... just in time for the Super Spartan which is in TWO DAYS. What can I say? I just really like torturing myself.