Wednesday, June 11, 2014

"Run and Be Happy"

Since I started running a few years ago I've accrued several medals. Okay yes, most of them are participation medals, but still. And I've never had a designated area just for my medals. Some were hanging alongside my jewelry, some from my car's rear view mirror, and many in my office.

The other day I found a picture on Pinterest of the letters "R U N N I N G." Each letter had hooks in order to hang race medals. Cool! (Click here to see that one!) So that was my inspiration. I wanted to use the letters "R U N" for mine (because 3 letters versus 7 letters sounded like less work!) and use bigger letters. So I went to my local craft store... and they didn't have any wooden letters thick enough for the job. So I improvised and used a decorative block of wood. Then I thought, "Why not go ahead and put on quote on there?" So I did.

I painted it gray, added some brown around the edges, sanded it to made it look more rustic, used a Cricket to cut out the letters, added some rolled paper flowers, a few sparkly gems, some hooks, and voila! My very own designated place JUST for MY medals! 

The only thing left to do is round up the rest of my medals! 

Happy Running!