Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Where Have I Been?

Well folks I'll be completely honest: I have NOT been running since my half! I've drank a lot of Dr Pepper, eaten a lot of holiday cookies, and, let's be honest here, I've loved every minute of it. Don't get me wrong, I love to run, I really do. But after several months of doing it out of obligation it has been nice to sit back and only run whenever I felt like it (which has been twice in the last month, FYI).

I really do need to get back into it though. It's always that first initial run after a long dry streak that is the hardest. Partly because I dread how much it's going to suck, and partly because I forget how much I actually enjoy it. I'll admit, it's really hard to get into the groove this time of year! It's cold outside and ridiculously dark by the time I get home every day. And with the recent events here in my hometown I don't really feel comfortable (or safe) going by myself to the park for a run anymore. :(

BUT... Christmas break starts in TWO DAYS! The upside to that is I'll have two full weeks without any work! The downside is that I still won't get much time for running because I'll have the kids all day. Again though, with the recent shooting in Connecticut I'd rather spend every second with my kids anyway.

I guess over the next few weeks I'll just be wingin' it, running-wise.