Thursday, October 25, 2012

I Made Something Yummy

I found a recipe on Pinterest and it turned out to be pretty delish.

1 refrigerated pie crust.
Cinnamon sugar (made by mixing cinnamon into some sugar until you think it looks pretty).

I rolled out my pie crust, glopped some Nutella down on it and spread it out evenly. Then I cut my pie crust into 16 slices, pizza style. Rolled 'em up (like you would a crescent roll). Melted some butter (How much? IDK! Like... 2 tablespoons??) and brushed it on top of my little rolls. Sprinkled some cinnamon sugar on top. Plopped the pan in the oven (preheated to 425) and cooked those bad boys for about 8 or 9 minutes.

This was the original picture:
I won't lie. I honestly went into this pessimistically and assumed my little Nutella mini pies would look NOTHING like this but they turned out kinda similar. Here's my version:

Photo credit goes to my iPhone that's had better days.
Not too shabby right? I mean no, they're really not as pretty as the original... mine look a little deflated and I didn't use as much cinnamon. They still turned out pretty yummy! I took them to work for our potluck lunch so that I wouldn't eat all 32 by myself (I made two batches... genius). They're a little over 100 calories each (what kind of health nut would I be if I didn't calculate calories!?). 

Good thing I run tonight considering I ate at least 4 of these things PLUS all the other homemade goodies that my coworkers brought to the potluck. Chilli, chips, enchiladas, guacamole, pie, chocolate chip cookie dough balls (dipped in chocolate, of course, what else!?!?)... I ate SO MUCH FOOD that, 3 hours later, I still feel stuffed. 

P.S. I TURN 25 IN TWO DAYS. My new birthday present came in yesterday... RUNNING SHOES! I haven't run in them yet--trying to break them in first. I know this shouldn't really be an important aspect of a good pair of running shoes, but they are soooooo pretty! 

I've now put over 330 miles on my other pair of running shoes and, I'm not going to lie, part of me is a little sad to retire them. They're the first pair of actual running shoes I've ever owned. :( Maybe I'll have a little ceremony or something... 

Monday, October 22, 2012

Colton's Run 5K

I ran my first 5K in months this past weekend! I wanted to do the 10K but since I was supposed to go 8 miles on Sunday I figured that might be overkill...

My goal for this race was to run it in under 25 minutes which I did NOT do. Waaahh! (That was me crying like a baby, FYI). I didn't do too bad though! I can't figure out why my last mile is ALWAYS my fastest... every. single. time.

My final time was 25:39, argh

Look, I even won a medal! First place in my age division... it's the last time I'll ever be in the 20-24 division. I'm turning 25 this week! YIKES. 

This year's time was slower than last year's time, I was so disappointed! Oh well... there's always next year! I have another 5K this upcoming weekend, maybe I'll be my PR then... we'll see.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Devil Got the Best of Me...

I wasn't quite as strong today as I was yesterday.

Well at least I was a lady about it and used a fork. 

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Devil's Real Name is "Hostess"

Yesterday: I forgot to bring my lunch to work so what else was I to do but raid the vending machine? You know what looked healthy? The jumbo sized Hostess honey bun. So I put in my 3 quarters and then watched as my lunch got jammed in the machine. WHY does this always happen to me!? It was hanging on for dear life by a thread. I tried wiggling the machine. I tried kicking it. I tried talking to the honey bun to let loose. It didn't. I couldn't just leave it there, right? What other options were there? I dug around for 3 more quarters and repeated the process. My precious honey bun finally let go! And then the other one I'd just paid for got stuck. What is it with these honey buns!?!?

The second honey bun didn't latch on quite like the first and I was able to wiggle the machine enough to make it let go. HA, you're mine now!! TWO HONEY BUNS ALL TO MYSELF.

I went back to my office and ate one of my jumbo honey buns for lunch. Afterwards I decided to dig the wrapper out of the trash to see how many calories I'd devoured. 550, ouch. I'm not going to lie, I really wanted to eat the other one too. But I didn't; I stuck it in my desk drawer for later.

TODAY IS LATER. That stupid jumbo honey bun has been taunting me alllllll day long. I honestly have no idea how I resisted but I did. It was pure torture. I even took it out and stared at it for a few minutes and then decided to have a coffee to try and curb my craving. Luckily it worked pretty well. 

I'll just have to go through all the taunting again tomorrow. THIS is why I try not to bring quarters to work.

Stop licking your computer screen.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Reality Check (I'm NOT 18 Anymore!)

A couple of weeks ago a friend from High School messaged me and asked me to play in a basketball tournament on Saturday, Oct 13th. I haven't played basketball since my last HS game over 6 years ago. Am I really that old? But to be honest I was a little excited--I text my husband and asked if it was okay with him. His exact words were, "This seems backward." Poor guy... he'd just broke his arm and here I was rubbing it in asking him if I could play his sport!

I agreed to play and then went back to my normal routine which, if you haven't noticed, has absolutely nothing to do with basketball. I'm still in training for my half marathon, remember!? I had to up my mileage quite a bit this past week and incorporate more (is that even possible?) speed training in. The tournament neared.

On Friday (the day before the tourney) I wanted to throw up. I have no idea why but I was so nervous! And I just knew I was going to roll my ankle. We won our first game by default because the other team didn't show up. Woohoo! We lost our second game to a team who obviously cross-trains or takes steroids or something. We saw them eating bananas in between games--they had to have been laced with something!

And I rolled my ankle, of course.

We won our third game and I don't know how any of us made it without passing out. We. were. exhausted. And then we had to play another. Our game plan was to just forfeit but the oldest player on our team, who turned out to be in WAY better shape than any of the rest of us, put her foot down and made us play! I don't think we could have made it without her, she was our coach, referee, and cheerleader (without the pom poms).

We lost our last game and won 2nd place in the tourney. We were quite satisfied with that! This all happened on Saturday. That night my hubby, son, and I stayed at my parents' house. My son is very particular to his own crib and therefore wouldn't sleep AT ALL. I got up 4 different times to get him milk (yes, 4). At one point I dug through all of my mom's medicine cabinets looking for children's Benadryl; I was desperate for anything to make him sleep, don't judge me! I didn't find any: DRATS.

Come Sunday morning we were so so so tired. And on top of that I felt like someone had run me through a meat grinder. I really truly thought all the training I'd been doing for my half meant I was in pretty good shape. WRONG. My legs hurt. My back hurt. My arms, feets, neck, butt, shoulders, abs, lungs... everything... HURT. I also have multiple bruises in the strangest places like my fingers. It looks like I got into a knitting war (and lost).

I decided to postpone my 8 mile run to Monday. Well, it's Monday and guess what? Everything. still. hurts! I'm ashamed to admit that I couldn't hang with my 18 year-old-self anymore! Maybe I should start doing squats? Or just eat more bananas?

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Confessions of a Runner

So I feel like I don't really have a lot to talk about lately. I'm still training for my half marathon, everything's on schedule, but there's nothing really new to say. So... I'll just spill some confessions. Sounds fun.

1. When I run by a street drain I glance into expecting to see a clown staring up at me.
Is that not the scariest thing you've ever seen!?!? Picture credit here. 
2. I don't really have a warm up routine. I just kinda... stretch whatever feels tight. And most people recommend that you do like a 5 minute jog or something first, too, but yeah right. From the time I walk out my front door to when I start my actual run, probably less than 2 minutes passes. I just wanna get it all over with!!

3. I always run faster when a car passes by me. I don't want them to know how slow I really am.
Picture credit here
4. If I run in just a sports bra I always "suck it in" if I think someone is looking!
Picture Credit here

5. I sweat like no woman you've ever seen. My face, my legs, my arms, my neck... it's unnatural.

exhausted runner
Picture credit here
6. I like to look at my own shadow when I run to see if I look like a "real" runner or not. Usually I think, "Do I really slump that much?"

7. When it's really hot outside I listen to Christmas music.

Picture credit here. 
8. I don't drink enough water and I drink way too much coffee. BTW I was exactly 4 weeks off Dr Pepper when I caved and had one at a restaurant this past weekend. *ashamed* I haven't had another one since, though!

9. I'm too competitive. What's the point of signing up for a 5K (or any race for that matter!) if  you don't plan on winning a medal!?
Picture credit here

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

End of Week Three

Holy moly, it dawned on me last night that I'm already on week 4 of training! Time is flying by so quickly and November 18th is approaching FAST.

Week 3 recap: it was another week of "I don't wanna" and "I can't do it," but each time I got out and did it anyway. The speed work was a lot more intense but I didn't have to cover as many miles so I guess it evened out. Saturday I was supposed to run an actual 5K race which would have been perfect if I'd had the money to sign up, but I didn't. Instead I just woke up early and pretended I was in a race; it definitely wasn't the same! But I did manage to maintain a 9 min/mi pace. My phone died with only a half a mile to go and so I didn't get to see my final time but I know it was between 27-28 minutes. Nowhere close to my fastest time but, considering I was just pretend racing, I'll call it a success!

Sunday, which is always my "long run" day, I only had to do 5 miles. I couldn't believe how easy it was. After 3 miles I still wasn't out of breath at all, my legs still felt strong, and my pace was under 10 min/mi. This cooler weather is rockin' my world.

I'm already dreading this week's workouts, though. I won't run less than 5 miles during any run, and then Sunday I go 8. Bleh!!

Monday, October 1, 2012

End of Week Two

    There really isn't much to say other than I have officially survived the first two weeks of training! Even though I experienced some bumps along with way I am all caught up with the schedule now.

    Week 1 sucked. Bad. I really wanted to quit! Week 2 was so much easier. And when Sunday rolled around and I had to run 7 miles, I was actually excited about it! Crazy, right!? I knew this time I could actually do it, though, and I love being able to say, "I just ran 7 miles, no biggie," when really it's an enormous biggie!

    If I can go out and knock out 7 miles (without having to walk any of it this time!) then I know I will be able to do 13.1 miles in November. Last night an alarm went off on my phone reminding me that it was the last day to sign up before the price went up so I did it, I registered for my half. There is no backing down, now!