Wednesday, June 26, 2013

New Books

I currently work in a library, which means I have access to a ton of awesome books. When we get new stuff in, I'm the first person to see it. Which can be good or bad. Good: I get to sift through and read all the good stuff before someone else gets their fingers on it. Bad: I could literally get nothing done all day because I'm too busy checking out all the goods.

Today was an especially good haul for me. 

I am so excited about this book! I didn't spend too much time looking at it, but I did spend way too much time on this one: 
Get it here
In other news, I'm in the process of doing physical therapy for my shoulder. I've never done physical therapy and, I can't lie, I thought it would be a waste of time. I mean... time heals all things, right? And then I realized it had been 4 weeks since I injured my deltoid and yet I was still having a hard time putting on my deodorant. That can be a BIG problem during the summer, especially in Oklahoma where you can fry an egg on the sidewalk. 

So I went along with my doctor and have been doing the PT stuff for about a week, and I think it's helping. Today they put an Ionto Patch (or something like that?) on it. Idk, supposed to help. She explained it to me but... well I forgot everything, okay?
Looks cool, right?
I still can't throw a softball, but I'm able to run just fine. The clock is ticking... only 24ish more weeks until the BIG RACE!

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