Thursday, July 28, 2011

When Your Body Turns on You...

(I've noticed that my posts are getting quite embarrassing.. and yet I keep writing them...???)

I'm almost at my goal weight (woot woot!), and I have recently set some new goals. My first mini goal is to be able to run for 30 minutes without stopping. I've been working towards it for about 3 or 4 weeks now.

 Here's what happened to me last night.

 I decided to not look at my watch until I simply couldn't run anymore. I was just going to run and run and run until my body said, "Nope.. no more." So I off I went, thinking about the music playing on my iPod and how badly I needed new songs. I was getting pretty tired, and figured I had been runing for at least 20 minutes. I look down at my watch. 11 minutes.

"What?" I said to myself, "I'm exhausted! 11 minutes?? Okay, body, let's make it to 15 minutes and then we'll take a break." "Okay, 15 minutes," it replied back to me.

We did it. And at 15 minutes, Body was getting really stiff, but I convinced it we could make it 18 minutes. "Okay, 18 minutes, and then we're taking a break," it said to me.

At 18 minutes, I convinced my weary body that we could make it to 20 minutes. "Once we reach 20 minutes, I promise, Body, that we'll call it quits. We can just pass out right here in the road if you'd like." "Okay," it replied, "20 minutes and then we can pass out."

We made it to 20 minutes! Body and I were both pretty exhausted. "Ready to quit, Body?" I asked while preparing to slow down to a walk. Then it happened. My body turned on me. I had a very strange senstation. Body said to me, "Destiny, if we stop now, we're going to pee all over ourselves. You'd better keep running till we make it to the bathroom!!!!!"

So we did. We ran 2 more minutes, straight into the house, scaring both my husband and my daughter, right into the bathroom.

Today, Body and I are very sore. But the good news is A) We ran for an entire 22 minutes, which is my longest stretch yet! and B) I didn't pee on myself! :-D


  1. Now that's what I call determination..!!...and thank Goodness your bladder is in good shape...Twice your age plus 8 years, I would have peed all over myself, I'm sure..!!..ha.!!..Keep writing....Embarrassing.??...that's the best part about life...we all need to laugh at ourselves..!!..Writing is Good for the soul..!!
    Sheri Hughes Hennessee

  2. I just burned about 100 calories laughing out loud.. no, cackling, heehawing, and snorting out loud at this! Way to go, D & B! =)