Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Please Don't Take My Legs

Last night I worked late and didn't get home until after 6:00. I didn't want to run or workout or do anything, but since my weekend consisted of zero workouts and about 8,000 calories, I decided I needed to buck up.

I couldn't believe how muggy and warm and humid it was outside! For the first time since last fall I started to sweat, and that was before I even started! Nonetheless, my run still felt great. It was such an awesome feeling to get out there and do something good for me. After I finished running I sat on my front porch and started to cry, not because I was in pain or because I had sweat in my eyes, but because I experienced a rush of gratitude for my healthy body. And then I prayed, "Please don't take my legs..."

Where did that come from? I haven't watched any sad movies lately about losing limbs or anything, but I do know someone (who I met just recently) younger than me who has a plethora of health issues. She has such a vibrant personality and is such a hard worker; you'd never know she's sick just by looking at her and yet, she is. I was talking to her the other day about how she used to do gymnastics and was extremely active, but when she started getting sick there was little she could do anymore. That just breaks my heart! And there I was, totally capable of working out and doing the things I love, taking it all for granted.

I have legs that allow me to run, arms that allow me to swing my kids in the air, lungs that fill with clean air, and a body free of disease! These are just a few of the reasons I should be getting out there to run, leaving me void of excuses like, "I don't wanna."

Have you been taking your health and your healthy body for granted like I have? Just remember: Some day we'll be old and won't be able to do the things we love and we'll look back and wish we'd taken better care of our bodies!

How to Choose Exercise for the Elderly  Exercise for Elderly
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