Thursday, January 24, 2013

Weight Training?

I need a new goal to work on! I'm still running off and on. It's nice just being able to go whenever I want, however long I want, and not worrying about sticking to a schedule.

I've started implementing some weight training in with my cardio. My husband really wants me to play co-ed softball again this summer. Last year I hated it because I was so weak I could barely hit the ball! So if I'm going to be coerced into playing again I need to be able to hit the ball further than the pitcher's mound.

What kind of weight training am I doing? Very minimal stuff that doesn't require much weights. So would it be weightless-weight training? Hmmm... Lunges, jump squats, tricep dips, Russian twists (my favorite), superman... that kind of stuff.

I used to do P90X. Yeah, I spent like $200 for the set and now I can't even find it. One time I committed to the program for and entire 8 weeks! This was before I got pregnant with J and WAY BEFORE I started running and paying attention to the foods I was consuming. I took before pics and then some progress pics at the 8 week mark. I looked exactly the same. No muscle tone, no change in the muffin top, no nothing. Was it all Tony Horton's fault? Well of course that was my first conclusion. But, to be fair, he did say something about eating healthier, too. Well that's stupid!

So I quit working out and decided I'd just be chubby. Then I got pregnant and BAM, "chubby" took on a whole new meaning. That's when I started using MyFitnessPal. I could not believe how many calories I had been consuming on a daily basis. OUCH.

So now here I am, still eating a lot of crap but being much smarter about it. And I think, "I bet if I gave Tony Horton another chance, he could whip me into shape," but I can't find the stinkin' DVDs. Which means I need to print out the worksheets and just do this stuff on my own. By the way, you can find those here.

So basically over the next few weeks I'm going to wing it and just do whatever workouts I want with a little bit of running here and there. No big races to train for until the Warrior Dash which comes to Oklahoma again in May!

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