Thursday, February 14, 2013

A P90X Goal (Minus Tony Horton)

This goal will last 12 weeks and should leave me with a rockin' summer body.

I mentioned in a previous post (or did I?) that I needed to start doing P90X again but I hadn't started because I lost my DVDs. Sad day! I can do them on my own but that means no Tony Horton in my ear saying, "This is the mother of all workouts," which secretly makes me giggle because it seems like he says it during every single workout! So I've made my schedule and have my worksheets all printed out and pretty in their own folder and everything. I've already started doing a few workouts this week just to get my body used to it, but my "goal" doesn't actually start until Saturday (which will leave me with Fridays off, woohoo!).

Here's a snapshot of what my schedule looks like:

If you're familiar with the regular P90X program you'll notice that this is quite altered. There are no days for core synergistics, plyometrics, Kenpo, or Yoga. Why? Because I hate them! But, since those are mostly set aside for cardio workouts, I'd rather just leave those days open for whatever kind of cardio I want to do that day (which, as we all know, will mostly be running!). I've attempted the program several times already in the past. After about the 3rd week, it becomes so. very. monotonous. I'm hoping that by giving myself some choice in what kind of cardio I'm doing each week I won't get as bored with the program. And as far as doing Yoga goes, I'll be 100% honest, I HATE it. I know, I know, I should do it anyway. It's good for me and helps with muscles and flexibility and blah blah blah I HATE IT. So on days the program originally called for Yoga... I replaced it with "light cardio, stretching." That sounds way more appealing to me! (Or should I say way less painful?)

My biggest worry (which is always a concern) is whether or not I can actually stick to it. My half marathon training lasted 9 weeks and there were days when I just couldn't do what was on the schedule, and that was only doing it 4 days a week. This, on the other hand, is 6 days a week. Much of what I'll be doing, however  can be done inside so it won't matter if it's raining or snowing or is hot or cold, I won't be able to use those excuses. And besides... I really love lifting and doing squats, lunges, etc!

One thing that might hinder me: my son. He likes me to hold him. A LOT. The other day I was doing side-to-side lunges. I'd lunge to the right, he would follow to that side and cry, "Mammmmma...." and then I'd lunge to the left and he would follow and cry, "Hoooooooollldd meeeeee..." Right, left, right left... I tried to get him to do it too. He did for a second and thought it was funny, but then he went right back to crying for me to hold him!

He likes to sit on me anytime I do anything on the floor. Crunches, sit-ups, stretches... he's right there on top of me. See what I mean?

So there you have it, my next BIG GOAL. I will try to update weekly (if I can actually stick with it, that is!) on how things are going. I will take before, during, and after pictures and will post them at the end if they're worthy enough!

Maybe my husband will get in on this challenge too... ;-)

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