Monday, March 25, 2013

Color Me Crazy 5K

This past weekend was the Color Me Crazy fun run and 5K in Ardmore. What a blast! My Aunt put a whole team together ("Run or Dye Trying", cool team name, right!?). I usually train for 5Ks but I didn't this time; I knew I would be pushing J in the stroller and wouldn't be able to go all out anyway.

We woke up Saturday morning half an hour late. I have no legitimate excuses--I just wanted to sleep. J apparently wasn't ready to wake up either and he was a cranky baby! We drove about an hour and arrived in plenty of time. In fact we ended up sitting in the car for half an hour so avoid standing in the cold! Jordan didn't want to keep his hood on over his ears (I had to pull it back up about 500 times) and I made him wear my gloves (which he also took off repeatedly).

In our race packets we found our white t-shirts (which were very colorful by the end!), sunglasses (to protect our eyes from the colored powder I assumed), some color pouches, bibs, etc. We started off in the very back. Literally, the VERY BACK of the pack. I ran most of the way with my sister who was pushing her son in the stroller also (although he's older than J and a lot heavier and harder to push!) and neither one of our kids really liked getting covered in the color! I poured some of our color into J's cup holder. He put his hand in it (covering my nice white gloves) and then tried to wipe it off--he didn't play in it anymore after that! He's a clean freak like his dad, I guess.

This is the first 5K I've done that I actually took the time to enjoy. Usually I cram my earphones in my head and ignore everyone around me. This time I just kinda strolled and laughed and talked and didn't listen to my iPod at all. With about a mile to go I kicked it up a notch and actually ran the rest of the way at a good pace, not because I really wanted to but because I knew it was about to start raining. It started coming down pretty good during the last quarter mile but we missed the worst of it. By that point Jordan was sick of being in his stroller and wanted to get out and play. I coaxed him into playing with the color a little more (he liked smearing it all over Mommy) and then we went to the car. We missed the big color cloud finale everyone did at the end but we watched from the sidelines (out of the rain!).

I ran to my car (pushing a screaming J) only to realize that I should have gotten my keys out before facing the rain. I couldn't find my keys. I stood in the parking lot (poor J was crying for me to hold him and his little hands and cheeks were so cold) tearing apart J's diaper bag. I was sure I had locked them in my car! Alas, I found my lonesome little car key in the stroller and got Jordan inside with the heater on. And then he cried because he was thirsty and of course all I had was a 32 ounce Dr Pepper I hadn't touched from the day before. So I let him have it. A 2 year with 32 ounces of fluids protected only by Styrofoam and a plastic lid. It took me about 10 minutes to get everything back into the car. When I put J in his carseat he was NOT happy--he wanted my DP and I wanted him to stop crying so I gave it to him. 5 minutes later he pours the entire thing on himself. He was drenched. The carseat was drenched. I changed his clothes, we stopped and ate, and then he slept the entire way home.

Jordan happy with his DP (before the big spill...)

So colorful!! 
Sisters! I didn't get a pic with my other sister :(
My hands afterwards (and I was wearing gloves!) I had to scrub my poor ring clean.
Notice how white my fingers are?? They were cold!

All our colorful gear :)
Jordan's little shoes 
He couldn't go without his bear, duh. Bear had fun, too. 
My white glove Jordan was wearing. The other glove is AWOL.
My pretty shirt :) 
Mr. Sleepy Man before we even left the parking lot to go home.
 (Notice the towel under him...)
When we got home he didn't want to do anything
but lay on the couch and watch Barney!

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