Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Quitter Quitter, Pumpkin Fritter

What else rhymes with "quitter"??

Well you can call me a BIG FAT QUITTER because that's exactly what I've done! I stopped doing P90X, again. I blame the pictures. You know the ones... "before," "during," and "after." Well technically I've never, in my whole life, gotten to take an "after" picture because I always give up shortly after taking the "during" picture. Maybe next time I should just not take that one? Or at just not look at it!

So I QUIT the program and I've been avoiding blogging about it for a whole month because I'm too ashamed. Not that anyone would ever judge me for being such a loser, but I judge myself. Harshly.

I had decided I was NOT going to share the pictures, but really... what can it hurt? Besides my pride, I mean. So here they are: Before and during pictures. The first was taken after one of my first workouts (because I forgot to take it in the very beginning, oops), and the second was taken 6 weeks later.

And yes, I know my stomach is "crooked."

I can blame my quitting on these pictures all I want, but the real fact is I got lazy and bored with it. It seems to always happen that way--I get tired of working out by myself, tired of having to take breaks in between workouts to tend to my toddler, tired of looking in the mirror and not seeing a difference. Running is just so much easier to enjoy doing, day after day. I mean sure, sometimes I get tired of running all the time and I take a week off, but I never quit. At least have that much going for me!

However, softball season has officially started up again and I'm weaker now than I was before I started P90X in the first place. We had our pre-season tournament last weekend and I couldn't even hit the ball out of the infield; embarrassing! So now I'm torn: do I start working out again (knowing I'll just QUIT in a few weeks because I'm a big fat QUITTER!) or just be a weakling for the rest of my life?

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