Friday, February 17, 2017

Almost to 12 Weeks...

Well here's an update for all 2 of my fans (thanks husband and mom)...

I am a few days shy of the 12 week post-op mark. Goodness time is dragging! I have another follow-up with my doctor next Tuesday in which he will most likely send me to another 4 weeks of physical therapy. I made SO MUCH progress this week! Weeks 9-10 were so maddening. I felt like I was getting nowhere. And then this week, BAM, progress!! It feels so good! No, I still can't put my hair in a proper high pony-tail BUT I can give a [super soft] high five! Here are some things I can now cross off my goal list:

1. I'd like to be able to wash and fix my hair normally again. PLEASE! I can now mostly wash an fix my hair! High pony-tails are still hard, but I can do it (it just doesn't look very good..). I can, however, rock a low pony-tail, curl, straighten, and scrunch. BOOM.

2. Put on deodorant like a normal person...  YES THANK YOU! And shaving isn't quite as difficult anymore, either.

3. Sleep. Well... this one is about 50/50. On days I hit physical therapy pretty hard, I'm super sore and do not sleep well. Other days I take it easy and I sleep well enough.

4. I'd like to eliminate my fear of injury. I'm not worried anymore. Physical therapy HURTS, but it is definitely a different kind of pain and I'm so relieved.

5. Muscle ups. Still a long ways from this one.

6. Carry my son again. I love love LOVE being able to carry my big heavy sleeping baby to bed when he falls asleep on the couch. I still have to be careful but I can do it. Definitely my favorite thing. <3

Here's what's going on with fitness:

I am still training for my half marathon. I can run around 5 miles fairly easily. I don't think I'll have any problems staying with my training program!

I'm doing CrossFit again about 3 times a week on top of running. I modify 90% of the movements, which totally sucks, but it's better than nothing!

I am regaining muscle mass in my surgery arm! Physical therapy requires I do some weight training for my shoulder but it is suuuuuper light (I'm up to 3 lb dumbell curls! HA). So far I have had ZERO problems with this part of therapy. I still struggle big time with mobility, but that's normal (so they say). They keep telling me "We need to get you to 160 degrees by 12 weeks." This refers to how far back I can get my arm to go when I'm lying down. Last week I was at around 150, but since I made so much progress this week I think I'm almost there! We measure again on Monday.

And that's about it! I expect the next 4 weeks to show a TON of progress. I'll be back doing pullups and hang cleans and snatches and all the fun stuff in no time!

Oh, and for fun, here's a picture of my right [surgery] arm (top) versus my left arm (bottom):

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