Tuesday, February 7, 2017

10 Weeks Post Op

UUGHH Could time go any slower!?!? It has now been 10 weeks since surgery. Today I started my fourth week of physical therapy. I'm on schedule and doing well... but I'm nowhere near where I want to be!

The good news is that I get to start doing more this week. YAY! I mean really it isn't much (I'm up to 2 pound bicep curls...) BUT I did leave physical therapy looking like someone had mugged me in a dark alley, so that's gotta be a good sign. He did a lot of pulling and bending on my shoulder. I did a lot of yelling and some crying, and may have issued a few threats. I always leave feeling like they put my shoulder through a meat grinder. Must mean improvement!

In other news, I'm still training for my half marathon, slowly but surely. I'm up to 4 whole miles now! I'm also back to crossfit. Yea, you read that right! Basically all I can do is leg stuff and double unders, but it's so nice being back. I haven't missed the workouts (maybe a little...) but I have really REALLY missed working out with my group! It sucks having to modify everything, but I WILL get back to normal eventually!

In two weeks my physical therapist says I get to start doing the hard stuff (3 pound curls?) and I am SO excited. I asked if that meant I could practice muscle ups... he laughed at me before realizing I was serious. "Uhh, no..."

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