Monday, September 17, 2012

Day One

So it begins: Day one of half-marathon training. Lucky for me day 1 starts of with a rest day! Yay! I am so nervous about the next few weeks. Can I really stick to the schedule? Can I really wake up at 5 AM to workout during the week? I decided to wake up at 6 this morning to try and get myself ready for waking up at 5 tomorrow. Instead of getting up, I turned my alarm off, woke up at 7, and had to have the hubby take Mr J to daycare because I was running late. *sigh*

I was sick all last week and couldn't do much of anything, let alone run. By Saturday I felt 100% better but decided to wait until Sunday to do a 5-mile test run. I started out really, really slow and had a side-stitch by mile 2. But I didn't stop, not even when I reached this:

I have been avoiding this series of hills for months but I decided to just go for it. Going down the first big one I thought, "This really isn't so bad." Going back up it I thought, "Why, Destiny, why did you do this to yourself!?" I was just a little past the 3 mile mark at that point and had to walk up the last hill, but at least I survived. At the end of mile 4 I upped my pace and finished the last mile in under 10 minutes. 

Let me just do a little bragging at this point: I am on day 11 without any DP. It has been (knock on wood) surprisingly easy so far. I just have to make sure to have at least one coffee a day to avoid headaches. My husband told me last week that the reason I got so sick was because I quit the hard stuff and my body wasn't responding well. Ha! But no, really, he's probably right. 

Last night, after putting little man to bed, I sat in the backyard and really thought about the next 9 weeks. This whole process is a huge deal for me. I need to eat right. I need to stay on schedule. And I need to get enough sleep every night. That's probably going to be the hardest thing for me to do. Every night when I lay J down I wonder how long he'll sleep before waking up, how many times he'll wake up, whether he'll stay in his own bed or wind up in our's. Whether I get enough sleep or not solely relies on him. Some nights I get a full 8 hours while others I function on just 2 or 3. Some nights we're up every 30 minutes. How do you tell a toddler that he needs to cooperate with Mommy's training!? It should be interesting!

Can I really do this? 
Stick around... we'll see!

**Update from day 2: I did NOT wake up at 5 AM!! Well technically I did.... but the only thing I accomplished during that time was warming up some milk for Jordan and patting him for 30 minutes trying to get him to go back to sleep. Hmmm. I guess weekday training will in fact occur in the evenings and weekend training will occur in the mornings. HAHA I am such a slacker already!


  1. Hum....What to say...What to say.... I'm trying to think of the words to say to make you feel better about this "race" your in.... LIFE.....not marathon.... First let me start off with this... You have not only come in first place but you have beaten so many by hours.... The race I am talking about is the MOMMY race! You are an amazing mom an amazing wife and an amazing person! Those are all goals accomplished!! Slackers don't achieve those goals! You are not a slacker! "If you can find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn't lead anywhere"...... Just saying....Keep up the good work girl!!!